SUCH FINUCH Trendmaker's Tropical Heat

NUCH Boothgate's It's Show Time

Brandhams Show Stopper

Boothgates Kountry Kraft

Boothgates Krazy Kaper

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Boothgates Mascot

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Brandhams Hot Choice For Oulsmi

Lindall Marcus at Donalbain

Charway Matty Brown

Lindall Miss Emma

Boothgates Hot Scoop For Brandham

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Jadz Mail Order Madge

Boothgates Headliner

GBCH Warringah's Harlech

GBCH Charway Ballywill Will

GBSHCH Warringah's Hot Property

Lindall Mollie Malone

GBCH Fabracken Comedy Star

Morningtown Stormette

Boothgates Much More Music

Secret Song of Lawnwood

GBCH Timspring Sirius

Brentville Marianne of Lawnwood

Follytower Blythe

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Trendmaker's Traffic Jam

Smart Fellow's Order From New York

AMCH CANCH Tweedcroft's Debonair

AMCH Waterdogs Raine Dancer

AMCH Anderscroft Mijans Bravo

AMCH Waterdog's Raine Storm Cdx

AMCH Shadowvale's Just So

AMCH Jayncourt Ajoco Justice

AMCH Heatherbourne Forget Me Not

Stowlodge Quintette

Wishwood Quincey

GBCH Squire of Ballyduff

Wishwood Charlotte

Cornlands Brun

Cornlands Aristocrat

Wesko Sea Spell

Blondella Balanced Shades

GBSHCH Blondella Balance

GBCH Keysun Krispin of Blondella

GBCH Keysun Teko of Blondella

Bradking Bonnys Charm of Keysun

GBSHCH Blondella Ballerina

GBCH Charway Ballywill Will

Blondella Mollywog

Shade's of Blondella

GBSHCH AMCH Lindall Mastercraft

GBCH Charway Ballywill Will

Morningtown Stormette

Blondella Mollywog

Blondella Sam-Son

GBCH Kupros Marcia of Blondella